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Minisite & SEO Audit on HubSpot

Creating a Minisite

Role: UX Researcher, UI Designer

Tools: HubSpot, Semrush, Screaming Frog, Siteline.


Create content collaboratively for a minisite introducing life and resources at Elon University and the local communities targeting prospective and graduate students. Set up on HubSpot. Carry out an SEO audit of the minisite that will evaluate and propose suggestions to rank higher on search engines.


Collaborated with other group members to create the home page for the minisite. We assessed user needs and wants through a strategic content plan and researched current trends fit for the topic.


I supported the creation of the home page by producing, directing, and editing the video, taking organic photos, and structuring the information architecture.

Our group analyzed, recognized and selected keywords, alt text, and metadata to add to each element that would help boost the site for SEO purposes. We set up the materials on a HubSpot webpage and prepared for the audit.

Minisite 3.png

SEO Audit

We primarily used tools provided by HubSpot and Semrush to look into performance, site structure, keywords, outbound links and more.


Based on the audit, we essentially recommend the images on the site be compressed to a smaller format to help with loading speed. It was also noted for all silo pages to only include one H1 tag for better SEO ranking and website crawling.

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