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Spotify Usability Test

Usability Test

Role: UX Researcher and UX Tester

Tools: Zoom, Google Drive, Microsoft Word


Select an interactive interface and apply user testing procedures to make improvements and recommendations.


Collaborated with other team members to design a user test (identified the purpose, scheduling, procedures, equipment, participants, metrics), conduct user tests, analyze results, create suggestions, and write the report.

As a group we decided to go with scenarios based on icon recognition, task competition rate, and adjustability to directions.

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 9.50.02 PM.png

Test Report

After following through the the testing processes, we identified the following design recommendations:

1.  Include "Add to Library" icon within a song or playlist to help users distinguish between liking a song and saving a song.

2. Implement a swipe feature to delete multiple songs quickly and reduce number of steps.

3. Show a visible screen overlay after adding or removing a song to playlist to emphasize an action was taken.

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